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I heard that Rusty Tin was given their nickname when they were about 8 years old. You know, grandma and pop and a few other family members just started using that nickname. Like many things that happen when growing up, I am sure Rusty Tin didn’t love it at the time but it stuck anyway. It suits Rusty’s crazy passion for all things cool, to have a nickname which is a little retro, suits their personality and one which most people remember.

I met Rusty on my travels around the world. Backpacking through Nepal and then moving on to other exotic areas of the world. We worked across Europe, learning languages and guiding other travelers on rivers in Austria, ski mountains like St Moritz and events like La Tomatina and the ‘running of the bulls’ in Pamplona. Seeing so much was where the passion for “Cool Stuff”, no “Really cool stuff” came from.
The Diamonds of Antwerp and Amsterdam, where anything could be created. Jewellery and bling to die for. Dutch clogs and “Brick a Brack” from the local markets where shopping was always fun and different. You could even buy your own push bikes back at the Thursday markets. Street signs, beer signs and Man Cave cool stuff was there to find. A really great intro to an everlasting love of signs, posters, small antiques (Couldn’t carry the big stuff or ship it home), in fact a really eclectic taste started to develop from these many excursions to markets and shops across the world.

Rusty got their first Italian classic in Florence. No, not a Ferrari but a Fiat Bambino. Very cool, great fun, low cost to run (good on a backpackers income) and easy to park. It’s where we got to see and enjoy great leather items like Leather jackets, Leather luggage, Leather shoes – everything leather, well maybe not everything. The Italians and in particular the Florentines were, are, very cool. Relaxed, understated and confident they had a particular “Old School” style. I think Preloved clothing must have started there. Denim Jeans like Levi’s, Gucci, Armani are general wear. They mix it with a quality new white tee shirt, and a denim or leather jacket. Then add the BLING. Gold jewellery, chains, cufflinks, bracelets in any CT you want. 14ct, 18ct, 24ct, are all considered as great quality only the price changes daily.

Europeans generally speaking are very inclusive of all different communities including cultural, ethnic and LGBT. This inclusive nature gives them a real appreciation of all individuals. This attitude is carried into the “Rusty Tin” core business values even today some 20 years later.

From the amazing Amazon, Peru and the home of the Incas, Mexico and Columbia (that story is for another day) Africa – South to North, Ireland and the UK all the way to the USA, New Zealand and Australia “Cool exists” and Rusty is always looking for new products. Perhaps you know someone who makes cool things then let them know to click on the “Say Hello” button and let us know (please only nice people).

Age catches up with all of us and the same goes for Rusty Tin. A few strands of grey hair now show but this has given Rusty time to source the very best cool products and make them available to you. After all “COOL is not dependent on age. With age also comes the preference for authenticity over copies yet Really Cool Stuff can come in different price points and still stay true to Cool.

More travels are in Rusty Tins future with trips coming up to the USA for the highest quality Jewellery for everyone including the LGBT community. South America for new handmade and crafted clothing and other items like hammocks. New items are added all the time too, so register a few details in the “Say Hello” page or registration area and we will give you a heads up. You can also follow us on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook to get the latest and greatest.

We aren’t a department store so items for sale maybe as few as 1 to 10 or more. Rings, clothing and other items are size dependent and there may not be in all sizes. We do our best to have more than 1 but if you “see it, love it then buy it”. We may never get the same item again.

Rusty Tin’s mate.